Multi-visitor pre-registration - Module Intranet

Here you will find a detailed explanation of the multi-user pre-registration for the Intranet module in ID VisitControl as well as a short video tutorial. (You will find an english subtitle in the video)

First click on the Preregister button in the main menu.

Click on the Multi Visitors button.

Multi Visitor Registration is only available to you if you have licensed Additional module - Multi Visitor Registration .

You can use the search to find existing records of visitors and add them to the current multi-visitor application.

The left side shows the search results, on the right side you will find the selected visitors who should be registered.

Existing visitor records can also be edited before they get added. To do this, click on the Edit button for the visitor on the right-hand side.

Enter all the information you need about your visiting group.

The input field " Employee" automatically displays contents after entering the first letter.

Clicking the Next button takes you to the Print page.

You can select the appropriate badge here. Click on the button Preregister&Print to preregister the visitor and print the badge at the same time.

You can also just preregister the visitor. For this, click the Preregister button in the upper right corner.

The preregistration was successful and the visitors are now automatically in your preregistered visitor list.


You now have the option of using the Done button to go to the main menu or directly restart a process by clicking the Button Next registration.


(You will find an english subtitle in the video)